Changes Are Happening The Right Way

This is real. I am certain that I am working together with my Universe Mate to make the right things happen. The negative people are not in control here. I feel that this is happening other places too. I’m so happy and relieved that I can finally post about it.

Our Universe works quietly to make things real. I watch carefully for the signs. I communicate with my Universe Mate in the psychic realm as he is healing through that right now. Although it is not very comfortable for me to communucate that way, I understand and adjust. We are really getting closer as a result. I can do both things, just prefer the reality of texting, etc.

I had to update today because what is happening right now is real. Universe Mates are real! We are a very real, powerful couple and I know soon, we’ll be reunited. I am actually saying it here. It it real!

There is no doubt that Universe Family Healing reunites birth families and Universe Mates. I move forward one day to the next doing whatever is needed to be done. Soon I will be with him and that will never change again. There will never be anymore coming and going etc. like soulmates do.

Universe Mates are a man and woman couple who had loved each other previously, but things never worked out. Universe Family Healing is the only way to reunite as Universe Mates. The spirit worlds around us are purged out completely. We become powerful couples who take back control of planet Earth and make sure our Universe is well fed with spirits.

It’s the right time to reunite with your Universe Mate. My healing allows this to happen. When you are connected to our Universe this is happens automatically.

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