Healing the Planet One Day At a Time

I continue to live through my days outside at Healer Camp. The weather is hot. I slow down even more. I live one day to the next. Today the temperature will peak at 118 degrees. So, I am doing very little today. I have plenty of ice, water, and shade. I hope this is the peak hot day of the summer. I can tolerate high temperatures, but my energy level is low right now. I rest and continue purging the spirit world here on planet Earth.

No one has ever done this before. There is no history here. I am a pioneer purging the spirits into our Universe. I am not sure why no one ever did this before. It seems like this spirit purging should have been a priority. There were always healers in the past but none were purging spirits. Those healers of the past were not Universe Healers. I don’t know why they weren’t connected to our Universe. If they had been connected, the spirits would have been purged already.

I can only describe what I do as I live through the days. Right now I am located outside in a very hot place. Perhaps this is the only way to totally eradicate the spirit infestation. I certainly am being challenged right now. I am healing a small surgical wound too.

I am also able to buy summer clothes again. I am remaking my Summer of Love shawl. It’s almost done. This shawl had been stolen from me last July. I am feeding some of the hungry kittys in the neighborhood. These are signs of normalcy returning slowly. These activities are normal for me. I can do more and more normal activities as my financial status continues to improve.

Healing planet Earth is a real possibility because I am here, alive and well. I have a powerful Universe connection which cannot be broken. I have love again in my life. I will not let that die. Our planet is healing on the Universe. My Summer of Love is real, even on these extremely hot days. There is nothing more powerful than my love. I will not let anything bad happen ever again. My family is comprised of Universe Healers all safe and doing quite well. We are here to make sure our planet lives. I was just the First Healer to get this started.