Healer Camp Update

Yes, I’m still here at Healer Camp, well into the month of July. I am doing the right things too. I have been able to make positive changes as a result. I am living through the hot days outside and surviving them. I look forward to a change of living arrangements in the near future.

There continues to be movement ahead in my financial situation. I am now going to have a steady income again. This is a sign of very good times for me and my family. We will continue to see a steady rise in our financial wellness. Spiritual control here is over and done.

My Universe Mate is finally taking more control over his spirit world. I have been helping him heal and purge it away. He has the largest spirit world on planet Earth connected to him. This has been a very unique challenge for me, because I was not sure this would ever happen in reality. It is happening! I am so very happy. I will post more about our progress as Universe Mates here on my blog.

After July 15, my situation continues to improve personally and financially. It is because I established Healer Camp and stayed with it for so long. This outside purging 24/7 has helped me totally control those spirit worlds that inhibited my financial wellness and kept me away from my Universe Mate for a very long time. Soon more and more of us will be reuniting with our Universe Mates and we will be having so much fun.

A Universe Mate is always someone you loved from your past but things never worked out. That’s because there were spiritual controls in place. Soulmates are examples of spiritual controls in relationships, etc. When Universe Family Healing is involved, all of that soulmate energy is purged. There are no more spirit games or misunderstandings to get in the way.

I am seeing that more and more people will want Universe Family Healing sessions to purge out their negative spirit worlds and find that they are already with the right person. Universe Mates always stay close together. Turmoil is eliminated. Love and everlasting happiness remain. Spirits are banished forever from human lives and we take back our planet after such a long time.

Healer Camp has been successful for me and its a bit of a challenge. I know that it is temporary though. I am so looking ahead to when I am with my Universe Mate again. I love him so much! And that is a very good thing for me to be able to say today. Our Universe, our planet is safe.

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