Wonderful Times Just Ahead: My Son Graduated From College!

I am so proud right now of my youngest son for persevering and finishing his AA degree at SRJC. I have been so happy these days because everything is happening the right way. This just means that Universe Time is really here. Of course there was no graduation ceremony in person. There was a graduation video though. I was able to see it and see his name listed as one of the candidates. He is done there now.

Right now, I am having the best time of my life. I am doing exactly what I want to do. I am experiencing what camping feels like in Yuma. I am burning lots of mesquite and cooking those veggie burgers and smart dogs, potatoes, and corn on the cob right on my outside stove. What fun!

As the weather warms to summer I’m not sure how long this camping will continue but it sure feels good right now. Warm relaxing days and cool breezy nights. The smell of mesquite burning. All of that stuff is thouroughly enjoyable and ofcourse I am laying down in my recliner purging the spirit worlds away. Even the spirits know that it is over for them. They cannot stop what is happening right now, because, my son graduated successfully on Saturday and I am so proud of him!

My family continues to move forward during Universe Time. We are the first family to purge our spirit worlds into our Universe and live as real humans. Other families are also purging their spirit worlds too. This is done family by family until all spirit worlds are gone from planet Earth.

Universe Family Healing is here to stay. I am here to connect families to our Universe. Contact me to get things going the right way for your family: