Healer’s Blog Lives On Here At WordPress

Well, now I see that there are changes happening here at WordPress with our new block editor. I am fine with this change. I cannot see it being a difficult change at all. I suppose it is going to make things better for us all here. It really doesn’t seem that different from the old editor. I am trying it out today and not waiting until June 1 when it is live everywhere. I am seeing that this is the right thing to do. I hope that this means everything is going well here at WordPress.

Changes are happening everywhere these days. This is because we are living in Universe Time now. I support changes now as I know that this means our planet is healing and moving forward the right way. I support WordPress because it is the best blogging platform/company available right now. I feel confident that my information is safe and secure. I am able to say what I need to say and not be censored. My website is just the way want it to be. This is definitely the right blog site for me. I will not be leaving WordPress.

So, that is all I wanted to say today. I am a few days ahead of the changes here. I am fully aware and confident about this happening. I am already blogging with the new editor and it feels just fine! Thank you WordPress for making us safe and comfortable with our words. We need you to continue being here in our healing Universe Time. We always will need you!