The Dove Days of Spring

I posted a few months ago how spiritually controlled the mourning doves are here in Yuma. I also know that I have been purging spirit worlds away from our doves. Little by little, our doves are healing!

Today, there is very little dove chanting. It seems to be getting less and less right now as the days warm up. Our spring weather is very much like summer. Why are the doves so controlled by spirit worlds? It has been this way for a very long time. Dove behaviors have been well-documented I’m sure, and is called instinct. But I know that this instinct is under spiritual control. No one else says that but me.

So, as the doves are able to finally heal, their behavior will surely change. I am wondering how but I feel that they will be seen less and less by humans. Their chanting is a ritual behavior which is highly spiritual and negative. As this chanting energy releases into our Universe, the doves are free to do as they please. I am sure they will leave and be far away from humans who hunt them endlessly for no good reason. I am healing the doves so that they can live a safe life far away from unsafe humans.

The Dove Days of Spring are ending soon. I am fortunate that I was able to experience this springtime with our beautiful doves. I know how meaningful this time has been. There will be no mourning sounds from our doves in the future as it will all be purged away by Universe Family Healing during the spring of 2020.