Universe Time: Read About it Here

Universe Time is defined as meaning that our Universe’s magnetic current is active and functioning normally, removing spirit worlds from our planet. This has never happened before in our human history. We were always immersed in spiritual time without our knowledge or permission. We lived and died. The spirits stayed here on planet Earth, mind-controlling humans. There was no active purging of the spirit worlds anywhere. Now, all that happens is the spirit worlds are purged, everywhere on our planet. 

Humans do not need a spiritual side at all. Spirits are parasites clinging to human bodies for their greedy existence. This is not science fiction. This is factual and I am talking about it here on my blog! No where else can you hear the truth about spirit purging. I am the only one documenting this reality on http://www.firsthealer.com. Humans everywhere should be aware of this spirit purging activity and become involved with Universe Family Healing.

My healing modality is the link between our Universe and humans here on planet Earth. No other healers are doing this. I am the only one with a powerful Universe connection steadily flowing all of the time through my own human body. Spirit worlds cannot stop themselves from purging because their links to other spirit worlds are instantly broken when I’m involved. The spirit worlds are simply passengers in our Universe flowing along in the magnetic current and leaving on their Universe journeys. They are never going to be here on planet Earth again.

What we see in the headlines is a result of Universe Time. There are huge changes happening globally. This will not stop and as spirit worlds purge all over the planet, changes continually happen everyday. Be aware that change is all that happens now. Those old ways are gone forever. There is no returning to that old negative normal of the past. That was purged out by our Universe. Now, life is secured on planet Earth. Spirits cannot do harm to humans anymore because I am finally here.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer