Living My Life in Universe Time

I continue to blog frequently here, every 3-4 days it seems. There is always something to update and document. Today I am just resting outside as usual in my lounge chair and listening to the spirit chants coming from the doves. I know that this time is ending soon, but right now it is important that I am here purging and healing the rest of this spirit setup. Birds have been spiritually controlled and we’re just accustomed to that behavior without giving it a second thought. I am sure that many changes are going to happen as a result of me being here at the right time and purging out this spiritual control over the doves.

After that is over and done, I know I will be moving forward once again. My life has changed so much from how it was before. Universe Time means that our Universe’s magnetic current is actively pulling and spirit worlds away from human bodies. I lived a life before when I was not free of my spiritual world. I was very controlled in those days. Most people are still living this kind of life, a spiritually controlled life, which is very short and ends in death.

Now I am living my live in Universe Time. I am the first person to be doing this purging out and so I am the pioneer here documenting things as I move forward everyday. I know that everyday is important for certain things. I take care of those things and then rest outside under the mesquite shade. I am taking one day to the next and know that this is making my life as good as it possibly can be. I can do nothing else right now. I am Universe Family Healer.

Universe Time allows me to live a real life. I am free of spirit controls. In fact, I control the spirits. Everything has been turned around the right way. Spirits should not be controlling human behaviors but were allowed to do so for many years. In fact, spirits made people believe that they were necessary for human life. The opposite is true as spirits need a human body to live upon. Therefore, spirits are parasites. Now we have a way to get rid of the spirits quite easily. That way is my healing modality called Universe Family Healing.

So, today, I continue moving forward in my goal to reunite with birth family members. Ultimately this is what happens when all other spirit setups are purged. These setups were in the way of me and my family members. I had to return to Yuma, AZ, USA, (my birthplace/homeland) to completely get rid of these spirit setups forever. I am very close to being done.

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