Spirit Worlds are Finally Dying

Many years ago, too long for any of us to remember, spirits came to the human planet Earth. Since spirits are tiny microscopic beings, they were not recognized or acknowledged. They slowly and silently were allowed to build their spirit worlds around human bodies. This was all done without humans being aware of it. And so the spirit worlds grew constantly everywhere. Spirits became in control of human minds and bodies. They took over the human body and made it like their own. Spirits are a parasitic alien life form.

We became slaves to the spirits. Our planet grew negatively. Wars and disease were common and accepted as normal occurrences. The Dark Ages prevailed throughout history and changed a little, but not much. No one was able to do much about it. There was no one purging spirits away from our planet. No one was talking about it either. There was nothing being done anywhere to get rid of spirits. Spirituality became normal and accepted. All over the planet the spirits were given a high authority and ranking. Negatively controlled people had all of the power and riches.

Bad decisions were made all of the time. The spirits controlled human decision making and so we humans evolved with this mindset. Nothing changed for a very long time. We were stuck in a negative world all over our beautiful planet Earth. Humans lived and died over and over and their spirit worlds recycled themselves upon other human’s spirit worlds. These spirit worlds remained intact and in control. Marriages especially kept these spirit worlds alive. That is why couples who are married for many years usually die within days of each other. Their spirit worlds are so connected that they cannot live without each others spirit worlds intact and functioning.

Somehow, a positive change occurred. Our Universe, (our outside atmosphere), has a positively charged magnetic current that automatically pulls spirits away from our human bodies. However, this Universe function was not working at all throughout our planet’s history. No one knew that this Universe function existed. There are no written words from our past history of our Universe freeing us from the spirits. This has never happened before. But without our Universe, our planet would surely die and life would no longer exist. Spirits have the ability to completely end human life, and probably did just that on other planets somewhere.

Spiritual healing became available but was not real healing. I am referring to reiki and therapeutic touch, etc. Spiritual healers are not real healers. They are not merging their spirit worlds with our Universe. Therefore they are doing nothing to help our planet heal and live. Spiritual healers are playing a spirit game that is part of their own spirit world. These people are scam artists. The only real healing is what I do. I have evolved, transformed, healed my way to becoming a real Universe Family Healer. What I do is not something that can be learned in a course or program. All of those healing programs are spiritual and not real.

Somehow, I was able to become who I really am. I am able to merge my spirit world with our Universe and also the spirit worlds of other humans. This is an automatic and natural ability for me. I know that because I am doing this now, our planet Earth will not die. I have been successful in changing Spiritual Time to Universe Time. I created Universe Time and it will not be taken away from our planet. Once spirits are actively and continuously being purged into our Universe, there is nothing the spirits can do to return here. They are done. They cannot create their spirit worlds ever again. They are recycled by our Universe into tiny pieces of minerals. That means their spirit worlds are dead and no longer in existence.