Freeing the “Mourning” Doves

I have been sitting outside more and more observing the dove activity around here. This is typically the time for dove mating and the so-called dove mating calls can be heard everywhere. What I know now and what I have observed first hand is how spiritual this whole dove mating ritual really is. In fact there are other so-called dove calls that are not really dove sounds at all. I see that the doves are spiritually controlled to produce these sounds. I’m sure that I am the first person to say this out in the open, but I know it’s true.

These fake bird sounds are being purged out by me here in Yuma. I saw the same kind of spiritual controls over the crows in Northern CA. No one has spoken about this spiritually controlled behavior in birds. It is just another example of how our planet has been consumed by negative spiritual energy setups for a very long time. I am observing up close the results of my healing as I lay outside with the doves all around me, coming to me for healing.

Recently there have been doves visiting me in rather close range. They perch upon a metal pole under the mesquite tree where I am resting. It seems these visits are intentional. Yesterday, the doves were doing their so-called dove calls right in front of me and I could see how this is happening on their tiny little bodies. There is this wave of movement in their throat area, a pause, and then seconds later out comes these calls, repeating over and over again, as a typical spiritual setup plays out. Cycles of these sounds are produced using the dove’s body, but these sounds are not natural dove sounds.

Today, I was delighted to have a pair of doves visiting me again, but this time they did not produce those fake sounds at all. In fact they remained very quiet and still, just resting for a very long time and then, starting grooming!  I was seeing normal dove activity return to this pair of doves. I know that doves are going to be healed from their spiritual controls finally once and for all. And I am happy that as a result of this healing time, our precious doves in the desert will be safe and hunting them will be stopped.

It seems that birds like doves and crows have been spiritually controlled on planet Earth. I am hoping that this is going to be stopping soon because no living creature should have any spiritual controls on its body for any reason whatsoever, especially the mourning doves. This is a very negative name for these beautiful birds. They are not mourning at all. It’s just this negative spirit world around them making these unnatural noises over and over and so they unfortunately earned the name of mourning doves.

I am here outside purging and pulling these energy setups away from the doves. Over time there will be less and less of those fake noises and just natural bird calls. These creatures don’t need a spiritual mating ritual. That is ending here in Yuma. And one day soon I hope that they will not be called mourning doves. They are beautiful and not in mourning about anything at all. They will be protected, not hunted, as they are a symbol of everlasting peace on our planet Earth.