Universe Time Means Going With The Flow, and Living One Day at a Time

I have have said many times that we are living in Universe Time now. Spiritual Time was when the spirits ruled our planet Earth and its people. Spiritual Time was in control for a very long time. Our Universe was not actively pulling spiritual worlds away from humans. This problem persisted for a long time and as a result we see how a spiritual world develops and degrades human life. It is so easy to see that a spiritual world around our planet Earth was in total control of all humans. People are born, live, and die in a spiritual world. This is not happening now.

Universe Time is what happens now. Our Universe has a very large magnetic current which is actively and magnetically pulling spirits away from humans. It only takes one person to get this wonderful time going. I am that person. I am a Universe Family Healer. I was able to break into this immense magnetic current of our Universe and bring it to our planet’s surface. It is flowing freely through my hands and feet. I am always pulling the spirits off of human bodies now. Humans are just living now.

And so, going with the flow during Universe Time means that we move forward through that spiritual mess with the flowing current of our Universe. We are allowed to let the Universe grab, purge, and merge our spirits and are finally free of spiritual control. We “go with the flow” to let this all happen. It is hard to go against the flow once we have connected our spirits to the Universe. Universe Time is an automatic and natural phenomenon that many people are finally experiencing for the first time.

Living in Universe Time is very different and fun. Instead of being mind-controlled on a day to day basis as in Spiritual Time, we are able to wake up in the morning and do what we need to do. We use our own human brain to make the right decisions for the day. Everyone is different and unique. We all have our different things to do and then we can rest. It is like living from day to day and it is easy and quite comfortable. In fact that is exactly what happens. During Universe Time we live one day at a time, from one day to the next. This is so easy and totally stress free.

Universe Time living is very, very different from living a spiritually controlled life. As the spiritual layers gradual release into our Universe, we can remember whatever we need to remember and automatically take care of whatever is important. It is impossible to make a mistake or go the wrong way. It is that simple and real. Universe Time is here to stay. There will never be another Spiritual Time here on planet Earth.

As the healing continues all around me in my homeland, I watch and observe everyone going with the flow. I see that they remembering important things that were forgotten. I hear them say that everything is fine and so much better now. They’re all in early healing but that is OK too. Once connected to our Universe, this powerful connection never goes away. The spiritual energy connections that once existed around human bodies are frail and cannot withstand a Universe current around them. The spirits are automatically removed faster all of the time. They have no defense against an active and working Universe.

I am the Universe Family Healer who makes this all happen for us. I am the solution to our spiritual problem here on planet Earth. Get your Universe connection today. Contact me to do this. I am available by email to get it all going:


It’s the right time, the right place, with the right person- me!

Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer