The Rain is Coming, Get Ready

I am preparing myself for four nights of rain. This is highly unusual for Yuma, AZ.  We don’t normally have this sort of thing happening, but it is happening! I feel like the weather patterns are slowly changing here. We definitely need more rain and somehow rain keeps showing up. I wonder, is this our Universe changing things? Maybe Universe Time is balancing our weather patterns. I love the rain because it leaves Yuma smelling fresh and looking clean.

So I get prepared and go with the flow. I am still comfortable even though I am living outside right now. I know that this week will be fun and a bit challenging too. I like the change. I like weather patterns that enhance my homeland, as Yuma is part of the Sonoran desert, which includes a subtropical climate and is considered the wettest desert on our planet. We are supposed to have 2 rainy seasons too with the monsoon coming in the summer. It seems the rain has been stopped here for some reason. A balancing of rain patterns is just what I wanted.

Night 1 (3-10-2020): Well it was no big deal. It rained a little bit last night. Today the sky is full of clouds with a wind. Beautiful. I am seeing the results of my healing among the people I know. It is quite funny really watching them act young and silly. I know they are healing and that is all that matters.

Night 2 (3-11-20): Last night and yesterday the rain was pretty constant for several hours. 4th Avenue was like a little river. I got my feet wet as I crossed over to head back home. Oh well, it was not that bad really. The temperature is warm, in the low 70s. There was no wind, just water coming down giving Yuma what it needed, a really good shower. Today the rain is resting and so am I.

Night 3 (3-12-20): The rain was gone yesterday and last night. It started up around 6 AM today. I am sheltering at a friend’s home because there are thunderstorms coming at 11 Am and lasting all day and night. Again, it is just fine. I just go with the flow and live through the rainy days. I continue to heal and purge spiritual energy all of the time. Yesterday afternoon I met and healed someone who has a direct link to the evil woman who raised me. I know this meeting happened at the right place and time. I know my birth family reunion is definitely going to happen now.

Night 4 (3-13-20): The final night of rain simply did not happen. The thunderstorms predicted were far away from me. The rain is gone for now. I know it will return again soon. Seems that rain is going to be more regular now here in Yuma. That is just fine with me. Now, I am hoping the hot summer temperatures also fade a bit. That is coming up. But right now it is a beautiful morning, cloudless with the doves and other birds chirping away around me. The fake bird sounds of the spirits are here too. I guess that goes on for awhile because there is still purging of spirits that needs to take place.

My week of rain is ending. I did quite well as I thought I would. I continue moving forward now as this was a challenge for me that was met without much difficulty. Rain is coming back next week but only for a day or so. I am seeing the results of weather patterns changing back to normal here in my homeland.

I feel these changes happen because I am here purging spiritual energy into the atmosphere which apparently seems to help balance weather patterns out quite nicely. Of course you will never hear about this from the meteorologists because none of them care about spiritual energy or what is does, but I do. I document the changes here on my blog as I see them happening in real time.

Day 5 (3-14-20): It rained again! just lightly but enough to make me keep my stuff covered up with plastic. I am going to leave it that way for now as the rain seems to want to keep coming back. I am so happy to report this right now. We are actually at half of the normal rainfall for the year and it is only March.