Wonderful Times Ahead in March

Ah, finally it’s March! Hurray, hurray. I am sitting in my friend’s truck watching the beautiful thunderstorm open up around me. I wanted it to rain once a week and so far it has been happening. Is the Universe listening to me?

March is certainly here. The gloom of February is fading fast. It feels so good to be here right now. I am in my 51st day outside and I know that I had to live through this very important time. The wind roars and thunder crashes. The storm aporoached fast and made me get into shelter. I am safely watching everything.

As the first week of March begins, it feels like the spiritual times are over. Whatever I have had to do recently ended successfully. I know that I am in total control of any spirit world now. I wonder sometimes about that, but I also know that I am the only human who has ever done this purging of spirits activity.

March is not controlled much by the spirit world. Everything tends to return to normal as March progresses. It is enjoyable now to see the results of my healing. The spirits are still chanting ‘Oh my god’ over and over. Nothing new there. I can sincerely say that spirits are not interesting at all and something that just needs to be purged. Thankfully, they are purging.

March is noisy and active. March has so many fun things going on. I continue to post my progress as Universe Family Healer, slowly moving closer to a birth family reunion.