Universe Time Is All about Change

Universe Time is wonderful. Nothing bad ever happens during Universe Time. The spirits are all removed continuously so none of their setups take place. There are no real problems going on. Because all of the drama is purged away, all that remains is peaceful calm and quiet. That is wonderful.

My healing works so well now. I can make any difficult situation simple. Changes happen automatically during Universe Time. The changes are necessary to promote a real life. Mistakes cannot be made either. Moving forward allows changes to happen easily. I do this all of the time now. Everyday, I know what I need to do and nothing gets in my way.

This is how Universe Family Healing works. When you connect your spiritual world to our Universe, you are forever released from a very negative life. Once you are connected you simply go with the flow. You know what to do each day. The negative parts of your life begin to fall apart and fade away. You forget about those parts too as they are in the past and forgotten quite easily.

I have very little negative parts left. There are a few things, very minor and non-concerning. I deal will those things and forget about it. I do not have any fears or anxieties anymore as that has all been removed by the Universe. I describe in detail how my healing works as I live through it. I make it easier to understand that way. Change is a integral part of healing and my healing is especially powerful with changes.

So, expect changes to happen. Allow the changes to be a part of your life. Do not go against the flow as that will be very hard on you. Understand that change was needed ofcourse. Be happy to know that you are living a Universe life and not a spiritual life. Relax and rest more. Move forward each day as that is the Universe way. Your spiritual world is defenseless when you are Universe connected and that is a comforting feeling.

Universe Time is all about change, which allows our lives to be safe and comfortable. We reunite with our birth families and live.