Universe Time Gets Rid Of The Spirits

Universe Time is in full control now. This means that our Universe’s magnetic current high up in our atmosphere is working normally and pulling spiritual worlds away from human bodies. I am the only human talking about this totally natural and real phenomenon. My hands have a natural ability to work with our Universe in getting this done. I easily remove a human’s spiritual world and it automatically merges with our Universe.

Not very many people are aware of this phenomenon called Universe Family Healing. I would like more people to know what is going on right now in our Universe. It is very hard to get anyone to listen and understand what I am doing. All that is out there is a bunch of scientific nonsense that is displayed constantly in the news of the day. There is never anything written about what is really going on. I am documenting it here on my blog.

This is so important too. What could be more important than getting rid of the spirits? This spiritual invasion has been going on unchecked for the ages. Real healing is practically extinct. But I am a real  Universe Family Healer here in Yuma. You can always receive real healing here in my homeland or by cell phone. No where else is there a human doing what I do. I am alone in this knowing about the Universe. I have demonstrated my healing ability many times and it is real and powerful.

February is coming to a close very soon. This month tends to be a highly negative and spiritual month but this time it was not in control of me at all. Instead, all of this month was easy and simple and I starting healing my clients again. I am moving forward into March knowing that February is slowly being purged out of existence along with all of its very negative events and holidays.

Universe Time is removing the most negative parts of our planet first. We will see a refreshing new look as a result. All that happens is positive changes for good humans everywhere. Universe Time has finally been achieved because I am here to provide real healing services via Universe Family Healing. It takes only one real Healer to get this all going. I am that Healer.