Universe Time: A Totally Real And Natural Phenomenon

Universe Time means that our Universe’s magnetic current is in total control of the spiritual worlds around humans. Our Universe and our outside atmosphere has an automatic way to remove the spiritual energy around a human body. This is real. I am the human connection, the Healer to get this all done.

My healing modality is called Universe Family Healing. I utilize our Universe’s magnetic current to safely and easily connect to another human’s spiritual world and gradually this connection becomes stronger. The spirits around a human body are not able to stop this activity. The spirits are magnetically pulled away and merged with our Universe’s magnetic current. This is how Universe Family Healing works.

This wonderful interaction is safely creating and maintaining our living planet Earth. The spirits are taken away from planet Earth and put back into the magnetic current of our Universe where they came from. The spirits are now doing what is the best thing for all, strengthening our Universe and maintaining the planets and stars in the right places. We have a safety mechanism occurring here. It cannot be altered or stopped. No one can stop this activity.  So, we have life continuing in our Universe and on planet Earth as a result.

Now, scientists from NASA will never talk about this activity, but it happens without their knowledge or permission. The NASA scientists and others who continue to try and find life elsewhere will simply fade from the daily news. They are not making any progress because they are way too negative and all that happens is a gradual reduction in outer space activities. Less and less money will be spent on this activity. As the money goes away no one will question if there is life elsewhere because we have life here on planet Earth, which is all that matters.

Universe Time cannot be stopped or changed back to Spiritual Time. This is because we humans are in control and actively purging the spirits back into our Universe. Universe Family Healing is making our planet grow younger and stronger every day. There is no reversing back to a negative and dying planet. That was happening with Spiritual Time but that time is over forever. More and more humans are purging out their spiritual worlds and this purging is not ending.

Connect your spiritual world to our Universe and be a participant in Universe Time. My healing is a safe and easy way to get this all done. Contact me by email to schedule your Universe Family Healing session: