January 2020 Is Over

I have 3 more days of January to live through. That’s it! It was surprisingly easy. I moved forward, going with the flow, knowing just what was necessary to make each day complete. Universe Family Healing is my very special and unique healing modality. I have a powerful knowing ability because of my healing time. I use my human brain easily to know what is important to deal with and what needs to be let go. I cannot make a mistake. I have no fear because I purge spirits constantly into our Universe, therefore fear is always moving far away from me.

Today I am posting that January 2020 is over. I have successfully purged and merged all of the spiritual setups for 2020 that were in place around me and my family members. This means that the rest of 2020 is going to be only in Universe Time. I define Universe Time as the time when our Universe is actively removing spiritual worlds around human bodies. I continue to help and heal other people who keep coming my way for support. I instantly know that I can help them and I do.

Today there is a windy time coming. I live through this time and nothing bad happens. The winds come and go. Then the end of January is here. I am safe and comfortable purging through my outside time. I know that it was necessary to really get rid of this nagging and negative spiritual world that tried to stop me from being the real me throughout my life. I am ending it completely though. It could not prevent me from returning to my homeland in search of my birth family, i.e. my real mother and father, siblings, and other birth related relatives.

Universe Family Healing allows a human being to have full control of the human brain. As the spiritual world around the human brain ( i.e. brain magnet) is released and merged into our Universe, human knowing grows in strength and power. The correct decisions are made easily without the spiritual world involved. Spirits are the cause of so many problems for humans. It is finally Universe Time when the spirits are put back into our Universe and far away from the human planet Earth.

If you are interested in having a real life and powerful human knowing, contact me for your Universe Family Healing session. I charge a very reasonable fee of $50.00 US per session. I send you an invoice via PayPal. Once payment is received we have a cell phone conversation, as long as you like. There is no time limit on the phone call. One phone call will establish your connection to our Universe.If you happen to live locally in Yuma AZ, I do provide a Home Visit for Healing. Expect changes to happen as my healing is very real and 100% accurate and effective in removing your spiritual world. Hopefully you are ready to experience life in Universe Time. Email me below:


Julia Angel, MSN, Universe Family Healer