My Success in January 2020

I am living through this day as I make this post at the local Heritage Library. The final day of January is here. I have succeeded in living through  January 2020 without anything going wrong! Yes, my fingernails are a bit dirty. That is one of the challenges of living outside and keeping a look a look of normalcy. Other than that, I am blending in easily.

I have managed to use my resources and very good neighbors kindness to keep moving forward through this time. I am purging out so many negative spiritual setups right now. As I lay in the field next to the home where my belongings are safely stored, the doves and other native birds around me are chirping away, drowning out the fake bird sounds of the spirits.

I know that everything is fine. I continue to experience a deja vu (already seen) experience so I know that I am proceeding correctly. The whole area in this neighborhood is being put into Universe Time so I easily can live here right now without being seen as a “homeless” person. I am not trotting around with a shopping cart piled high with belongings. That is never going to happen! I blend in very well.

My activities are the correct activities. No one is questioning me when I lay down in the vacant lot and heal/purge into our Universe. I am allowed to just be me! I needed this time to completely remove all of the spiritual setups from this area. These spiritual setups are in the way of my family reunion. I am the only one able to get rid of this mess and it is working out very well.

My phone charges next to me. I am a patron here in this library. I am using the library well right now as I document my progress in Universe Family Healing. I am happy that January is over and done. I am living my real life in my homeland.

Julia Angel, MSN, Universe Family Healer (UFH)