Moving Forward During Outside Time

I feel that my outside is coming to an end soon. I have been successful in remaining outside and purging out the remnants of a broken spiritual year. At the beginning of each year, there are several spiritual setups that are in place to control events in human lives. This is the first time I have been able to be outside and actively purging without walls around me. It is the right time too because I basically have ended the spirits control over 2020.

The spiritual sounds are trying to imitate bird sounds but I of course immediately recognize what they are. As each set up is purged into our Universe, fear is lifted from all involved and only the right activities take place. In the past, February was an extremely negative month for me. I lived through those spiritual days and remember how negative they were. I survived because I was always connected to our Universe’s magnetic current.

Nowadays, as these spiritual setups present themselves, they are instantly removed and taken far, far away from me here in Yuma. None of those setups can happen here. Those spirits are gone and cannot return. There is no way for a spirit to return to a human being once it is in our Universe. The spiritual barriers have been broken so much over the past several years that I have total control over what is happening now.

This is my outside time. I live through it and it feels so good to be in the warm sunshine of Yuma’s winter time. The days are beautiful, the temps are in the 70s, and I am in the best part of my healing time. The right time, right place, and right people of Universe Time will bring all of my family members back home. That is going to happen now. As I move forward during my outside time, I know that this February is going to be filled with fun times. I am looking forward to that now.