There is Nothing to Fear- 2020 is Here

Even with the news of the day trying to put a negative slant on everything (as usual), I know that our time here on planet Earth has never been better. There has never been a time before in the history of mankind when spirit purging was taking place. This activity, purging spirits out into our Universe is ongoing and not a setup that ends at the end of a year. Our Universe does not care about years. Once the purging starts, the purging continues until spirits are totally gone from our planet. This information is very comforting, but you won’t read about this anywhere but here on my blog. Google news will never have any articles about what I do.

So, as the news of the day continues to instill fear into those who read the news, I know that it is not a big deal. I observe what happens and move forward watching everything. I continue to purge the spiritual words around humans. I like to see the results of my healing modality in real time. I am a keen observer and document what I see. I am hopeful that more people here on our planet will know about Universe Family Healing this year. I hope that this is the year when eyes open up and purging becomes as normal as eating and drinking. I mean spirit purging that is.

All humans have a spirit world living on their human body. Now it is not a pretty thing at all. This entity loves to control the human body and mind. So, as it purges, it is shrinking greatly and its power is diminished. There is nothing a spiritual entity can do to stop the purging process. A spiritual entity is helpless when purging is occurring. It simply is moved along into our Universe’s magnetic current and never heard from again.

My powerful healing modality- Universe Family healing is as strong as ever. I can connect anyone to our Universe with a simple cell phone call anywhere on planet Earth! This connection will remove the spiritual world that is keeping you hostage. One this energy is connected you will feel so wonderful. You will experience several changes. A Universe connection cannot be broken by a spirit. I can’t do it either. This connection is the most powerful healing a human can experience. As 2020 begins, start this wonderful year by getting your Universe connection going. Get rid of that spiritual world and be the observer as I am instead of the participant.

Fear is a product of spirit worlds. Send fear far away and be at peace. Contact me for your Universe Family Healing session. I charge a nominal fee of $50.00! That is all it takes to get your connection to a better life.