Going With The Flow In the New Year

It is always important to go with the flow, and this never stops. At the start of a new year, I continue doing exactly what I have been doing the previous week. My routine remains unaltered no matter what is going on around me. Therefore it is very simple to make it through the first 2 months of 2020 because I am not changing my routine! I can continue doing as I have been and it works.

It is getting a little crazy around here, but I always say, I move forward by just keeping to my routine and never go off in the wrong direction. Things usually straighten out just fine as a result. The first two months of every year have always tended to be a bit negative and under a spiritual blanket. I know this and see what is going on but it barely is noticeable. Again, the routine is established so no mistakes are ever made.

The weather is beautiful right now in Yuma. We have temps is the low 70s and gentle breezes. The air is clean and fresh. Those are the things I notice as I move through my days. The sun is already getting closer. I can tell because it stays lighter now at the end of the day. I watch nature and see the affects of our natural world. I focus less and less on any dramas that occur and do what is exactly necessary to move the negative people farther away from me. It works!

So I am relaxing today again and know that I am always doing the right thing. I never wonder if I am making a mistake. Everyday I know what to do. I set my goals and reach them because they are realistic goals for where I am right now. I am comforted with that knowledge. I know that gradually over the year ahead, this is going to be the best year ever. I know this and it feels good. I am at the most basic level I have ever been at. I can make ends meet and then some.

I lived through all of those other times to be here right now. I am happy to live a real life in my homeland. That is happening right now as I make my life as safe as possible and live a good and real existence. No one can take that away from me ever again.

I live in Universe Time. My life is safe and comfortable and getting better everyday. I am Universe Family Healer. I purge spiritual worlds away from human bodies. I do this all of the time day or night. I require no rituals as my healing modality is purely natural and automatic. I can provide healing inside and outside buildings, anywhere, any time of day or night. I am real.