Welcome to 2020!

I am so happy to reach this point in my healing. I finally am here; it is 2020. I know that a very new year different from any other is in front of me and my family. This new year is free of that spiritual involvement. The entity that controlled my body for so very long is now broken down into tiny little pieces and purging. I hear its little spirit sounds leaving over and over. The sounds are coming from the omentum area on my body. This is weird sounding but real. I know no one else has ever heard this happen before. I know this is totally new. Something good is sure to happen soon.

I am not one to do predictions, so that is not going to happen here. What I know is that the result of my purging will be felt everywhere. I know that as a spirit is purged from the human body everyone everywhere is going to feel the difference. So, I am going to say that this amazing phenomenon I am experiencing right now means that there are good things happening everywhere. The spirit chain is broken. The spirit worlds around humans cannot function on their own. They need to be constantly connected to have an existence. That connection is ended now.

Lots of positive changes are happening. The right decisions are being made automatically because the spirits are not in control anymore. When spirits are not in control, our lives automatically become positive. We will all be able to see what is going on so easily now. Our vision will be 2020 is these matters.

As I am writing this post, the spirits are saying “Universe, Universe” over and over because that is where they are going now. Our Universe is their home. They were trying to stay put on human bodies and live as a human being! We do not need the spirits living on our human bodies. Spirits are parasites. They needed us to be here. Spirits tried to live on our planet Earth and create a huge spiritual world of connected infested humans. That time is ended finally.

We can all feel good that 2020 is here. Someone had to do it. Someone had to get rid of the spirits, otherwise our planet would have died eventually. Now, that never happens. I was able to make a secure connection to our Universe and my connection never got disrupted.

Earth is a planet of Universe Family Healers. Spirits are doomed if they show up here again. They cannot survive on a planet where Universe Family Healers are alive and well. We will always be here to continue life on our beautiful world, and make sure that we remain spirit free.

I welcome 2020. I am happy and feeling so free. I am here and always will be.