Feeling So Free Now, Feeling So Good

Yes, that’s what I feel today. Peaceful and calm. I am relaxing as this holiday season comes and goes quickly. I don’t participate with the holidays at all. That’s why I can just relax. I treat everyday the same. I have been living this way for several years now and it feels so good! I feel I purged out the holiday setups a long time ago, so living this way is a natural thing for me.

Four years ago I was getting ready to move away from Novato, CA, USA and was automatically moving forward. Now I understand so much more about Universe Family Healing. I have been able to describe my healing modality over these past four years as I relocated to my birth place, Yuma, AZ.  Here in Yuma I am slowly establishing myself and building my reputation in my homeland.

Ofcourse, I am constantly moving forward through one set up after another. I purge each setup at the right time. This purging is removing the spiritual barriers between me and my birth family. A Universe Transition Time occurs at the end of each setup. This usually means a change in living arrangements. It’s kind of like the Hansel and Gretel story, but instead of following breadcrumbs home I am purging spiritual energy setups.

I know right now I am at the right place, at the right time, with the right people. I am confident that my healing is powerful and accurate these days. I can predict easily what happens next and it is always in my favor! My knowing ability has become so strong and permanent.

The stress related to holidays is purged away by Universe Family Healing. I have proven this to myself and know it is so simple and easy to live a holiday free life. I did not try to stop participating, but it happened anyway. The holiday setups purged away from me at the right time and never resumed. Those holidays setups are far away from me out in our Universe somewhere.

Thank goodness!

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