Boring Boring Boring, This Place is Boring!

I am ready to be done with this living setup, so ready. I am so tired of hearing those people who come here for awhile talk on and on and on. Their voices are annoying me now. I try to make this setup end as quickly as possible for me. I can only do so much and here I am still. They are not talking with me but I still hear them over and over.

I am not getting the attention right now that I require. I am not getting the response from the right people. It is not going the right way. So I am going to sit here with my door wide open and purge very powerfully into the night. That should do something I think. But I have to be in this very boring state of mind to do this. That I know.

I am trying to get all of this negative stuff out of my way. It is going fine but so slow. There are times when I am very bored with all of the waiting and still I know that I have to wait. That is what I will always remember about this Universe Time, the boredom of waiting.

I have to wait until the rest of these negative people are dealt with and that is what is happening right now. Their needs are in my way and their problems are so negative that I just purge them away and soon they will be gone from here. That will happen! One after another they have come through this house. Amazing  that so many spiritual setups are purging at the same time. I cannot count how many people have been through this house the last 3 months. It is unbelievable but real.

So I sit here in this boring place and document how I feel right now on the 26th day of December, 2019. I know that this situation is changing and soon I will be out of this boring place. But for now I am still here, living on the edge of Yuma, AZ, USA. And I am bored!

Universe Time means that our Universe is 100% in control of the spiritual worlds around human bodies. That means that constantly there is Universe purging here where I live. It is like a non-stop train of people one after another getting purged. Someday I will be able to do what I really want to do and that is to reunite with my birth family. I feel that the only way to do this by purging all of these setup people in my way. It works but takes a long time. I feel I am at the end of this train and I am ready to get off forever.

Our Universe is taking away all of the negative people from me. I am hoping that very soon into next year 2020, I will finally reach home. I continue to update the status of Universe Family Healer as I purge and merge those negative people and their energies into our Universe and never will have any of them around me again. This is final.