My Neck is Purging!

I had to document this event because it is so significant for me as Universe Family Healer. There is definitely a great amount of spiritual energy setups being purged from the left side of my neck and upper back. It is a little sore too. I know this means alot of bad things are being purged and merged into our Universe. Those negative setups simply do not happen now.

I continue to update my status as Universe Family Healer right here on my blog. I am always making sure that my blog is current and relevant to what is happening. I am not copying an old story here. This blog is new and different every day. There is no more repeating in cycles of three. That Spiritual Time is in the past now for me.

Universe Time makes sure that all spiritual setups are removed from my human body. I cannot be a “setup angel’ anymore. All of that was in the past and will be forgotten someday.

Moving forward today, to the plasma donor center, pay some bills, then home to relax. Waiting patiently to see what happens next.