One Final S.C.A.M. is Demolished

I have had to deal with so many scams over the past several years. This previous decade was full of them! I had whistleblower blogs going when I lived in Marin County. I have documented several other scam-busting activities here on my Healer’s Blog that I dealt with too. Well, even now it seems there was one final S.C.A.M. to deal with. I define S.C.A.M. as: Spiritually Created About Money activities. I created this acronym as it seems to describe perfectly whatever scam is currently occurring. There is always a spiritual component making it happen and it is always about money.

This most recent S.C.A.M. involved a lady who wanted to use our address as her home address. She has a son who receives some kind of services and money from the U.S. government because he was diagnosed with a disability. This is not good because this lady does not live in the United States! She actually lives in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico with her husband who is not allowed to be living in the United States. She was living in Phoenix, AZ but that time is over.

She wanted all of the residents of my household to lie for her and expected nothing else. In fact, she even changed her mailing address which made a lot of her mail come here. This means she told her bank that my current address was her address and so her bank statements came here. She also told the United States Social Security Administration too because letters from that agency arrived here.

The final part of this S.C.A.M. activity was when a social worker made a home visit yesterday to meet with her and her son. Apparently this was a scheduled day and time. I happened to be the one to open the door when the social worker arrived. Ofcourse, I did the right thing. I told the social worker that scammer doesn’t live here and never did. I told her that she does receive mail here. The scammer arrived late and the social worker was already gone having left with the correct information. The scammer lady assumes that she would have to reschedule. No one here said anything about the fact that the social worker was already here and left. Too bad scammer, you are now going to be in big trouble!

Scammers like this lady will be prosecuted for fraud against the United States Government. She will not get away with it. She will have to deal with what she did legally and it will not affect my household at all. We did the right thing by letting it go and then exposing her at the right time. Of course it was me who told the truth to the social worker. I did it once again and always will tell the truth. I bust up the S.C.A.M. activities and they are over and done.

This nonsense is finally over for me and my family. Honestly this is boring and stupid just like the people who are a part of this stuff. Send them all to jail or prison and never return to my homeland. I want all of the scammers and criminals locked up without a key. I mean this sincerely too. It happens now. It will never reverse and be a negative nasty place to live. I am here and making sure that the criminals are dealt with the right way.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer