Quietly This Year is Ending, a Decade of Nonsense is Over

2009 to 2019, what a decade! Thank goodness it is finally over and never will return in any shape or form. That decade is purged and it included so much junk, spiritual setups and games etc. that are simply gone forever. I just had to say that today. I lived through it all. A whole ten years of very little fun. It was necessary to get rid of the spiritual world that I had gathered over my previous life. I was not purging that powerfully in the early days but that is definitely in the past now.

There is so much healing going on around me. I watch it unfold and see the results. There can be no doubt that this is finally my time. I have been waiting for it, and going with the flow steadily to get here. I am here!

I finally got to the part where I purchased a receipt book again. That is certainly a good sign. Now, I know that good fortune is coming my way. I am here in my homeland and offering healing services locally and globally on the internet. I finally am going to be able to just be the real me because I purged out all of the school setups and that is the truth.  No more school jobs ever.  I am so happy about this too.

As I walked home from Walgreens today, I realized that this was a final goodbye walk to this school infested area. I know that somehow someday I will leaving this place. As I go with the flow, I let things happen and do what I need to do. I never make the wrong decisions and always make sure I am in control.

My healing is so powerful and feels so good to know that for whatever reason, I have this fantastic healing ability. Not sure why it is me, but I cannot give it back. It simply stays and keeps everyone around me moving forward. In other words, my healing survived this past ten years when other “jobs” faded away. My healing is so real and will always be with me. I cannot heal away from my healing ability. I simply get stronger everyday. I am only going to be Universe Family Healer. That will never change.