Universe Family Healing is Real Healing

There are no shortcuts with my healing modality. I am real and so is my healing practice. People around me forget that my healing is always working. They go on their way and whatever happens is a result of a negative energy set up being purged. I watch as they experience the results of my healing. There are no shortcuts!

Universe Family Healing is not a shortcut to being a healed human. Universe Family Healing is a new way to live. Shortcut healing is what the spiritual healers have always done and leads to nothing in return. Spiritual healing is a S.C.A.M. (Spiritually Created About Money)  activity as I have previously said. It is only about the money with those spiritual healers. Nothing good comes out of spiritual healing.

Universe Family Healing is real because it is based on a scientific phenomenon which occurs naturally in our Universe. We want our spiritual energies to be removed, not just “cleansed” as do the spiritual healers. What a joke really. Who wants a cleanse of negative nasty spiritual energy? That is ridiculous. We want spiritual energy removed from our bodies and our lives.

Spiritual healers cannot remove spiritual energy from our bodies because they lack a powerful Universe connection. Stay away from the spiritual healers who are still trying to convince people that spiritual sides are OK and necessary for humans. They are not OK at all. Spiritual sides on a human body degrade the human body and cause aging, disease, and eventual death. Spirits are parasites and need a human body to create their worlds. Spirits also live on animals too.

I see changes happening all of the time as a result of my healing. I watch and observe this amazing natural phenomenon as it unfolds. Every human is set up in a different way by their spiritual worlds so all have a distinct set of results from my healing. The spiritual world around human bodies cannot stop Universe purging when there is an intact Universe connection. I am the one to get this connection for you!

I am posting about the reality of Universe Family Healing again because I cannot say it enough in this day and age. I am here to end the spirituality that invaded our planet and infested our people. We don’t have to be led around by a spiritual world anymore. My spiritual world is so small and degrading constantly. I hear those spirits moving swiftly outside my doors and windows and moving southeast. That is the final result of my healing process. Once these spirits are merged into our Universe’s magnetic current they cannot return here to planet Earth. They are becoming extinct. This has never happened before.

I am always being told by the spirits that “No one has ever done this before.” Well obviously or they would not be here saying that to me. If someone else had done this before the spirits would already be gone and forgotten. I am not sure why I am the one doing it. Why me? I don’t know. I can’t answer that question. But I am doing it. I am very sure of that.