I Am Sitting At My Front Door, Wide Open, Moving Forward

I am starting this day the right way. I am on my computer and documenting the current status of Universe Family Healing. All is good in my little world. I make sure the spirit games have no effect on me. I am sitting at my doorway as those spirits purge quickly into our Universe. It is so simple and easy for me.

The cool morning air feels wonderful. Right now at this very moment the people around me are being put back where they belong. I am the observer watching this all happen. I am not in the middle. That would not be fun at all. Instead I sit back and observe the results of my healing.

Today I plan to just relax and go with the flow. This is almost the end of November and the end of 2019. One more month to go of this year and then, well it is going to so much better for all of my family. We have had to live through a major purging time being separated to make sure all of the spirit worlds around us are purged. We are the first family to ever do this and that is the truth. We are the First Family on the Universe.

So, instead of walking into a room full of spiritual energies and drama, I sit quietly at my front door and relax. I always know what to do everyday. I am not mind-controlled anymore. Those days are all gone for me. I know instantly how to handle any situation I encounter. I am that powerful now. It has taken many years to be this way though and there are no shortcuts. I have lived through every single day to arrive where I am.

Universe Family Healing is real healing. There are no fast tracks here. I live and purge out each spirit entity that has tried to stop me from living a real life. I know I am winning. There is no doubt about it.

No one has ever purged out spirits before. This is a new and totally natural phenomenon. I talk about it here on my blog. I am the one who speaks the truth about spiritual energy. I control all spiritual worlds because they flow through me and into our Universe. I am the powerful Universe Family Healer who has successfully achieved this status.

I move forward everyday and know that I am going to have a very good time soon. I am living my real life, being my real self, and know that I have this wonderful Power of the Universe in my hands. And this wonderful power cannot be turned off now. It is continuous and flowing southeast into our atmosphere. The spirits are all going back to an enormous magnetic current high in the sky. That is where they belong, not living as a parasite around a human body.

Go with the flow spirits. The Universe it is taking you all away today and everyday, forever.