That Toxic Time is Over: Moving Forward

There has been a recent shift in the powers here. I see it happening and go with the flow. Seems that how it works right now. I am always with the right person in power at the right time. Amazing. This allows only the right things to happen as everyone heals at their own rate. The Universe seems to take the most negative layers away first and this is what happens. Of course every time this happens we feel wonderful! But the negative people do not get their way. In fact, this is happening less and less now.

The toxicity of spiritual setups is legendary. I have lived through numerous times when the environment became toxic because of spiritual energy purging. For me, the toxic times are barely noticeable and hardly affect me at all. I am always able to do the right thing about them. Right now I am at a resting time for a few days. It feels so good to be able to just rest in my room. I am doing jigsaw puzzles and laying here with the windows wide open and sun shining in on me. We have beautiful weather here in Yuma.

As another month comes quickly to an end, I am happy that I have reached this point in my healing. I am at the right place, time, and people stage. Nothing can ever go wrong. It is fun to go with the flow now that the toxic time is over. The right people are in control again and this is how it stays from now on. The negative people are not getting any control back and are in the process of falling down. I get to watch and see this happen right before my eyes.

Also, I want to note that I am purging a tremendous amount of spiritual energy from my throat area. This must be indicating that there will be a gradual increase in communication among family members soon. What else could that mean? This is always good news!

I am moving forward into the next month. I will continue to document my progress with Universe Family Healing throughout December and beyond. I am never going to stop posting here on my blog as there is always something interesting to note and describe.

I thought that it was important to document the change in powers today because that is what really happened! Automatic and real, Universe Family Healing continues to be the reason why I returned to Yuma, AZ, USA after living over 55 years in CA. I made it back to my homeland to live with my birth family. I am patiently waiting for the right reunion time to happen. That is all that matters now.