No Legal Hassles Anymore

Today is a very important day to remember. It is November the 20th, 2019. I have no legal issues around me at all. There is nothing legal for me to deal with anymore. I make sure that whatever has to be taken care of is taken care of the right way. This time of year there are alot of legal issues going on everywhere. This time of year has always been controlled spiritually and therefore in a very negative way.  But not here with me. I take care of my business and it feels so good. I have left that negative legal world far behind me. It will never return again. I purged it out completely today.

The highly negative people of this planet are not having much fun anymore. Their legal woes are really just starting for them and because they are so highly negative, one after one their legal issues will unfold. Their legal issues are so numerous that really that’s all those people will ever have before them, one legal mess after another. No more fun for them anymore!

There are no shortcuts to Universe Family Healing. All legal issues must be addressed in some way. And there are so many of them for the highly negative people of planet Earth. It is true that in the past those highly negative, spiritually controlled people had all of the power and the money. Their wealth was built upon a negative interaction of multiple spiritual worlds. So, during Universe Time, those negative worlds of highly spiritual people unwind and are purged into our Universe!

This is a reality show for all to witness in the public arena. We can watch as those very nasty people get what they deserve and finally, are falling down forever more. Their spiritual worlds cannot continue to function when they are purging. All of those negative setups built upon layer and layer of spiritual energy disintegrate and fade away. Those spiritual entities in that spiritual energy are merged onto our Universe’s magnetic current. Say bye bye to the spirits and those creepy people who ruled our planet Earth for so long.

It feels so good to be able to post about this today and know that all of that legal stuff is over for me and my family. We can relax and enjoy life and living. We can because our Universe effectively pulled away all of those spiritual legal setups and got rid of them for us. It really happens with a powerful Universe connection! Finally the good people of planet Earth are taking control.

Do you have legal woes and cannot seem to get away from them? You probably need a powerful Universe connection on your side. Contact me for a Universe Family Healing session. I charge a nominal fee of $50.00 per session. It really works. Get connected today and say goodbye to your spirit games and legal problems.