Spirits Are All Purging Away, “No More Time” For Them

This is what the spirits are saying as they leave my room to enter our Universe: “No more time”. They know they are done. They cannot stop the purging process. They have no way of undoing the Universe. In fact all they do is become a part of the Universe. Spirits are very magnetic and composed of highly magnetic minerals such as magnetite.

They have no form or solidity to them.They make up stories about themselves as if they were human. But of course, spirits are not human at all. They have lived on human bodies for so long that they act as if they are humans. Once they are moving away from the human body they have no effect on humans ever again. When they are attached to a human body they mind control the humans. They take part in the human’s dream time and set up scenarios which used to play out in the awake time. But that is not happening much anymore.

Purging the spirits was never done before which is why we have been a highly spiritual planet. As this spiritual world disintegrates slowly the spirits are decreasing finally and their control over human minds goes away. There is no more mind-controlling a human to do something. The spiritual being surrounding the human body cannot do anything but purge and break apart now Spirits are not used to this occurrence but it happens easily and without their knowledge or permission. The reverse used to be true. Spirits were always doing things to us without us even realizing it. Now the opposite is true.

Thus, we are no longer living in Spiritual Time. The spirits know this and say that spiritual time is over. Humans are now living in Universe Time. This is because our Universe is capable of pulling spiritual entities away from human bodies. This happens automatically now and there is no spirit defense mechanism against it. The spirits are defenseless now. They are simply removed and discarded into the vast magnetic current of our Universe.

It is very true. What I talk about here is the absolute truth. I am the expert regarding spirit removal on planet Earth. I am the one who started this spirit purging and merging process. I am not stopping it either. It cannot be stopped. Our Universe is constantly available to remove all spiritual energies, spiritual entities, etc. from human bodies. This is very comforting to me. I am always very happy when I wake up in the morning and instantly am purging spiritual energy.

I am reassured that this is really Universe Time. I go with the flow. I know what I must do every day. I do those things. I feel good. I live a Universe life free of spiritual control. My life is safe and comfortable. I no longer have the lies controlling me as I did when I was a young child. I know the truth. I live in reality. I am not concerned with those bad people from my past. I am only moving forward toward my real birth family. I know that reunion is coming right up very soon. I will continue moving forward until we are all reunited once again.

Purging spirits reunites birth families. It is that simple. All of the trauma associated with birth family separation is being purged away. Spirit purging removes denial and allows the truth to be seen easily.

The truth is all that matters.