I Am Living My Real Life In Universe Time

Never before have humans lived in Universe Time. This is finally here for us. Universe Time means that our spiritual worlds are all being purged away from us! This means our so-called “spiritual sides” are moving into our Universe. We can now live a real life free of spiritual control. Our Universe is set up to magnetically remove these alien invaders.

We do not require a spiritual side or soul to live. In fact the opposite is quite true: the spiritual side needs to reside on a human body to survive. Spirits are parasites! How many people are aware of this? Not many, but those who read my blog are very aware. This spirit invasion happened a long time. There was no real Universe healing going ever before, so the spirits were allowed to proliferate to enormous numbers. If real healing had been happening, the spirits would have been gone a long time ago!

Spirits are aliens to our physical world. Spirits cannot live in our environment. They have to survive in their confined worlds that attach to each other by means of interactions with other humans. Spirits are able to do this silently because for the ages no one even knew much about them. They are not from planet Earth, otherwise they would be able to live on their own.

No one else talks about spirits like I do. I have documented my experiences here on my blog over the past several years as my healing unfolds and tells the real story. You cannot find this reality elsewhere. People who are highly spiritual will talk about spirituality as if it is needed and necessary for human life. Of course the opposite is true. Spirits make human beings die by degrading the human body.

As we grow older the spiritual world around us continues to take control of the human body causing disease, aging, and eventual death. This is the truth! So why do humans want to have a spiritual nature? This is all a mind-controlled thing obviously. I tell the truth here on my blog. Spiritual energy is very dangerous to humans and totally unnecessary.

I am a very strong and powerful Universe Family Healer. I know instantly what is going on in any situation and can take the appropriate actions. The spirits are powerless against me. I am in control of the spiritual worlds wherever I am. I automatically dissolve (purge) these spirit worlds and its spiritual setups degrade quickly upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere. No other healer alive today talks about this like I do. That’s because I am a real Universe connected healer. I am not a spiritual healer. I am not spiritual anything. I am a Universe Family Healer. I purge spiritual layers that keep birth family members separated. Amazing.

There are no shortcuts to my healing process. You must live each day and night as these spiritual worlds are slowly purged and merged into our Universe. The changes that happen are a direct result of this purging process. Change happens with my healing. Change is the sign that real healing is occurring. Year by year the spirit worlds degrade. Their setups and scenarios no longer occur. This happens because once our Universe is able to interact with me and it will never be “turned off” again.

There was never a healer in the past that had a direct connection with the Universe’s magnetic current. In fact, no one else talks about this phenomenon besides me. The scientists never talk about this and deny it exists. They are so highly spiritual themselves that they would never be able to demonstrate its effects. Only I have been able to do this. I am the first real healer that has lived on planet Earth. I alone have the power of the Universe in my hands. I constantly feel the gritty spiritual energy flowing from my hands feet and body to the outside atmosphere of our Universe.

I live my life in Universe Time. The spirits are no longer controlling me or my family. We are the first family to be “On the Universe”.  But we are definitely not the last. I started this whole thing going. I am the first healer to do this the right way. I am here to help other families heal and live. Our planet will not die as other planets have in the past. Our planet is the only living planet anywhere. Humans are now alive and living a real life, free of spiritual control.  Everything is going the right way now.

This is the current status of Universe Family Healing. Humans are alive. Humans are taking control of planet Earth. The spirits and highly spiritual people continue to die in great numbers. Be a part of this living movement of positive change and contact me for your Universe Family Healing session. Get your connection to a real life and live!