On the Universe, Our Money is Safe and Secure

When I finally achieved the status of Universe Family Healer, I began realizing that I was once again in control of my money! It was a very slow emerging understanding. I can see how it happens and why. As the spirit layers are purged out one by one, the real money starts coming back. Spirits cannot stop real money activities anymore.

People who are not involved in real money activities are the players and scam artists. Scammers are highly negative beings, mainly spiritual in nature. Not human at all. They exist for the purpose of the spirits and do exactly as the spirits tell them to do.

I have talked about SCAM activities meaning: Spiritually Created About Money activities. SCAM activities have been both created and thus controlled by the spirit worlds around humans for many years. It has been going on and on this way. The bad people have had all of the control of the money.

During a powerful Universe Time, this control of money reverses! We are living in a powerful Universe Time that does not reverse. This means that we, the good people of this planet, are in control of our money again and this will not stop ever. I am talking about humans everywhere on this planet, not just the good old USA. Good people are in every country on this planet!

I have demonstrated this action for myself. Since returning to my homeland, I have been able to secure real employment almost immediately and this has not stopped. I continue to earn more money steadily every year. There are some transition changes along the way that I have to live through. But it is very mild compared to what I experienced previously in Marin County, CA, USA. This realization allows me to utilize whatever situation I am currently living through to the fullest. I am not stopped at all. I simply know what I must do and it gets done easily!

Also, my family members are having a major stabilization of all financial matters. This means that we can live here now and completely eradicate the spirit problem from our planet Earth. We are not going to be sitting around crying and helpless. We are so very powerful now that whatever spirit set up is around us is instantly purged On The Universe. And then it is instantly forgotten!

Knowing that our financial problems are in the past gives us all a very good feeling indeed. When good people are in control of the money, only good things happen everywhere!

Share this post with all of the good people you know. It will make us even more powerful. Good feelings get rid of spirits.


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