Purging Evil in the Real World As 2018 Opens Up

What happens to those very negative people who are used to controlling everything? Once their spiritual energies are purged into our Universe they weaken. They are only driven by the negative spiritual energy that controls them. Without their spiritual energy they are weak and fall in the background.

I have always said and still do say, that Universe Family Healing does not make a bad person good.

There are good people and bad people. Bad people are totally consumed by spiritual energy. They are not really human anymore. They are like a machine, a robot. Their feelings are not with them. They no longer feel anything. Their brains are totally saturated with spiritual energy! Their bodies are full of magnetite and other spiritual minerals which makes them into a ball of hatred.

Universe Family Healing does not allow these bad people to control everything like they have for the ages. These bad people are not going to be heard from anymore. They will be out of the limelight, out of the daily news, etc. Our Universe does not like this bad energy around humans. It takes it away from us so life can continue.

Spiritual people will not have any power to do anything. They feel weak and small when their spirit energies are removed. They do not feel good at all without their spirit energies. On the other hand when good people are purging out spirit energies they feel wonderful and have achieved real human status.

We still exist in a world with good and evil. I have already said that evil is defeated but it is taking time to slowly remove the defeated ones. The evil people cannot control me or my family anymore. I am too powerful now for their energies. I have purged and purged and continue to do my Program (Permanent Parasite Purging Program- https://wp.me/p4aP23-1yt) all the time.

I am safe and so is my family. This purging is what defeats evil. My relocation back to my homeland has shown me what Universe Family Healing can do in full force. I can no longer be in any bad situations. I control every situation I encounter.

The evil people are not getting any attention or respect. They are just seen for who they are and dealt with accordingly. It is a real process. Not a fairy tale. This energy is very dangerous in large quantities. It can control the mind and the human will. But I have been able to deal with all of that. Now it is simple for me to live and so will it be for others. We will not be stopped ever. My Program as stated above is permanent. My purging is not a short-term set up that goes away in a few years.

Every year is better for me. As each spiritual year is purged, there will be a huge change in how humans live. We will no longer have these set up calendar years with holidays. We will no longer have to send our sons and daughters to schools where this evil is waiting. Politics, religion, education, and medicine are under intense spiritual control and are all changing.

And for now I can relax and feel confident that my healing work is really doing a good thing. I have achieved my goals for 2017 and 2018 is opening right up in front of me.

Look out all you bad people because I am home and so powerful now. I have never been this powerful in my homeland. I was taken away when I was just 2 years old by some very bad people. But I am all grown up now and living my real life as I should be doing.

It is a first for humans everywhere to have a real live Universe Family Healer living in her homeland of the USA. It is new and exciting. I am back in Yuma where I was born. Hopefully soon all of those bad people who call Yuma their home will leave. That is what I am seeing right now, an emptying out of this town. It really needs a good purging, believe me!