Universe Family Healing Keeps Me Safe At Home

I simply cannot worry anymore. I used to have an extremely heavy layer of worry on me. It was hard sometimes to keep going, but I still did. In the old days, I did not understand about the Universe. I was still unaware as most of us are about this powerful magnetic force which is always outside around us. I am not talking about spiritual energy. I am talking about the Universe energy outside our windows. My worry layer caused by the spirits was removed by the Universe!

Our normal atmosphere contains a highly magnetic positive energy stream. Did you know that? I didn’t for many years. But now I do. As I sit outside on my steps at home, I feel the pulling away of the spirits into this positive invisible stream. It moves to the south. I thought maybe it was going toward the sun, but it really does move southward at all times of day. I do not know why. I just describe what I experience.

I can barely hear the spirit sounds outside now. These sounds used to be extremely loud. I guess that is because certain areas have higher amounts of spirit energies in their atmosphere than other areas. In Marin County, I could hear this noise much louder than I do now in Yuma. Marin County is a highly spiritual negative place. I lived there for over 20 years!

I am writing about this phenomenon because it is real and no one anywhere is talking about it but me. It is a forgotten or overlooked reality. I know this cannot be tested in a research sort of way. I can only describe what I experience. And I do it right here on my blog so no one can tell me to stop saying it. I am free to say whatever I want to say here on my blog because I pay for this website. I follow the rules and I am left alone.

The Universe energy stream moves southward all of the time. I always feel it whether I am inside or outside. I am so connected to this energy stream that I always feel safe. I cannot be in a dangerous environment. I am taken out of there quickly. I can continue to live as a result. I do not ever get in the middle of controversy. I simply get to watch the results of Universe Family Healing from the safety of my home.

Universe Family Healing is a simple way to be reunited with lost biological family members. I look forward to that time when all of my family members are here in Yuma living together and having a very good time.