I am Living a Real Life

I see how I have changed over the past several years. My blog is now almost 4 years old. I can see how my blog posts have changed as well. I moved back to my homeland in December 2015. I left a very negative place called Marin County. I was stuck there for over 20 years. I blogged there and now I am blogging here. I see quite a difference in my blogs. I can no longer play any computer games really. It is no fun anymore. Many of those games are highly negative, produced by people who are very spiritual. I instead feel like doing more real activities. I blog, I grow food. I keep my home clean. I make sure my food supply is kept up to date and is stored safely. And at one time, these simple activities were very difficult to do. But not now. These real activities are the most important ones in my day.

I do have a job. I receive a paycheck for my job. I keep my job secure. I do a very good job at my workplace. This is important because for many years I was not working much at all. But since I relocated back to my homeland, that has changed for the good. I can easily live here, support myself, and live a real life again. It was not the case in Marin County. I purged out Marin County finally. Those spirits are still around me but are being purged onto the Universe. They have no affect on me here in my homeland.

My healing ability is stronger than ever. I can easily move through the days ahead. I have no worrries. I have no debt. I pay all of my bills every month and buy food. I am not in any legal messes. I am safe and secure in my homeland. It has taken me years to return here. My homeland is Yuma, AZ in the Sonoran Desert.

When I was younger, as a very small baby, I was not allowed to stay here in my homeland. I was taken from my mother. The people who took me were not interested in the fact that they did something very wrong. They all thought it was the right thing to do. It is never right to take a baby away from the loving mother. It is not OK to do this. The spirits allowed this to happen. The negative people of the time were highly spiritual. And this happened to many people over and over and over. So there was much trauma everywhere, all the time. That is how a spiritual world ends up destroying human lives. The human family unit is the most important and powerful bond that exists. But if babies are not with their birth families, the family unit and powerful bond is weakened. Adoption is a spiritual game. It is not real…

I continue to open up my real world here in Yuma and look forward to meeting my real family. And how did I know that I was not raised by my birth family? They never told me.. I knew because I have 3 sons. I can easily tell the difference. None of those people I was around when I was growing up are related to me. I know that. I am not close to any of them, but I remain very close to my sons..

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