Permanent Parasite Purging Program (PPPP) Continues….

This program is administered by me. I do not require any grant money or federal funding. I continue to be in charge of this program. There is no off button, no end.

The parasite is a spirit. Spirits are a very dangerous human parasite. Most people do not even realize they are highly infested with spirits. It is easy for me to tell if someone is infested. Once I detect an infestation on a human, my purging process (PPPP) immediately kicks in and begins removing the infestation. The infested person does not even realize I am purging. It is amazing how quietly this process occurs. Those highly infested people have no control over me. I instead control them.

Once the PPPP is initiated on a spiritual being, it controls the actions of its spirits. All spiritual activities cannot complete. The spiritual set-up is shut down. The spirits cannot do what they want to do. Purging and merging spiritual energy on the Universe stops the spiritual set-ups.

Too bad for the spiritual worlds that try to control everything related to humans. Spirits are defeated. Spirits are done. Spirits are dying as they purge onto our Universe. Spirits cannot live in our natural environment. Spirits can only live inside and around humans where they build up their spiritual webs and angles.

Spirits like to call humans who are highly controlled by them their “angels”. But, not all so-called angels are spiritual in nature. Spirits make their angels live in their set-up world. They set up their angels’ homes with addresses including the numbers 44, which are old spiritual angel numbers. For example, my previous address in Marin County was: 44 Captain Nurse Circle. 44 meaning you are “surrounded by angels”… Ha ha ha….

Many of these “angels” are just Universe Family Healers who have not been able to connect their energies to the Universe. I am finding this to be the case here in my homeland. Fortunately, I am here to make sure that all Universe Family Healers are indeed connected to the Universe and actively purging out the spiritual infestation that has controlled their lives. I am very successful at doing this.


I have an email address above if you are needing support with this situation. I can help you. I really do have the powerful natural abilities of knowing and purging.

Thank you for reading my blog post. I do appreciate real people understanding what is going on today. The changes that happen as a result of the PPPP are amazing and fantastic. Lives are permanently changed for the good. And most importantly, families are reunited in a very positive way.