Age of Reality is Kicking in Nicely

As reality returns to our world, we can feel the abundant power of the Universe. There is so much power in the Universe that has been hidden away for centuries, for the ages. Spirits have controlled our lives and destinies but that is over now. Spirits are being purged and merged into our Universe where a recycling method is in place. Spirit energy is highly magnetic and contains several types of minerals which can be reused for good purposes. This replenishment continues nonstop as the Universe is needing these resources to continue its efforts for positive change.

We need our Universe intact and healthy. Our Universe is not dying as some people claim. The Universe is alive and growing. And a balancing is taking place that allows our living world to exist. Our atmosphere is receiving nutrients when spirit energy is purged and merged into it. Purging is feeding our Universe very well now.

And the families which were separated by the spiritual world continue to reunite slowly but in a very purposeful and definite direction.  This means that all of the wrongs are righted. And more spirit purging happens as a result. Real families are strong and live together. Real families are Universe Families. Separation ceases to exist. In the past, it has always been the separation of Universe Healers from their families that caused the spiritual time to evolve and grow. And this has occurred over and over for a very long time. Layers upon layers of negative energy made real healing extremely difficult to achieve.

Spiritual healing was never enough. And will never be enough. In fact, spiritual healing is purged too by Universe Family Healing.