Universe Family Healing: What It Is and Is Not

I am starting the month of February with another post about Universe Family Healing. I created this healing process. There is nothing like it anywhere but here on my blog. There is no one else talking about it. There are no researchers researching it either. It is something totally my own. I am the first human to understand what Universe Family Healing means. I am the only human who really can make it happen. And I do, every moment of every day, 24/7. I am the first Family Healer of this Universe!

Universe Family Healing is about a connection with our outside atmosphere. This connection is real and natural. There is a magnetic quality to our universe, our outside atmosphere, (the natural part of our world). It is not that natural in most buildings and homes of today. Most buildings have these spiritual energies set up and controlling humans to do the wrong things..

But most people are not really aware of it that much. They are so glued down with a negative energy field called spiritual energy. This negative spiritual energy field is surrounding humans today. It is inside humans too. Some humans are very compacted with it and are therefore more spiritual than natural. This energy is a real parasite. This energy cannot survive unless it is connected to humans. It is not supposed to be inside humans, but it is.

This energy is composed of tiny microscopic beings called spirits which have a large amount of magnetite in them.  I am not quite sure how these spirits came to be, whether it was some kind of human experimentation gone bad or what. It seems like these spirits are the product of the Dark Ages, when people where doing all kinds of weird things to human bodies. I am not sure really. Seems like this stuff is some kind of artificial intelligence (AI). Even the name seems like that: spi-ritual. That is why things are happening in threes, etc. It is a very ritualistic type of energy..The energy spys on us and sets up ritualistic patterns of behavior, usually in threes. I see this energy as a hidden monster and it can only live and proliferate if humans die.

This energy can only exist under very strict rules and cannot end itself. It has to maintain itself in a closed system for existence.  It is definitely a waste product of some kind.. And very harmful to the human body. It cannot exist by itself, hence it is a parasite. It is very hard to release spiritual energy from the human body completely. You have to have a stronger magnetic connection to another magnetic force to pull it away completely. Once you have this stronger magnetic force available and intact, you can have a constant release and freedom from the spiritual energy load.

No one is talking about this but me.. This world, Earth, has become a huge ball of spiritual energy. There is literally no one else but my family who are so highly connected and removing this mass of bad energy from wherever we are. It is very taxing and difficult to do this.

More people need to be connected to the Universe’s energy to help get rid of this bad spiritual energy infestation. It is the real alien invasion that is not seen but can be felt and heard. Being a spiritual being is a very negative living setup. Being a Universe being is a very positive living situation. When you are a Universe being, the spirits just purge all the time away from you to the outside and this allows you to live in a safe and healthy way. Purging and merging spiritual energy feels like a gentle pulling action, and this energy is rough like sandpaper, probably from the magnetite. Hence, this energy can be felt and heard by the human as it purges and merges. And that is a very good sign too. In fact, it is the one important sign that you are a  universe human.

Universe Family Healing is the complete removal of this energy infestation from your family. This energy can only exist in a connected fashion, so once it is released from one family member, it continues to unwind from all family members and be purged and merged into the vast universe. All biological family members are benefited, wherever they are in the world, because this spiritual energy has been around each family member for a long time. On the universe, spiritual energy is somehow recycled and reused in such a way as to balance the sun’s mighty forces and thus allows the universe to heal and grow a little more in the right way. This is a direct result of the balancing of the positive energies around us.

You will never hear this information from a spiritual or reiki healer though. Those people are highly spiritual and depend on the spiritual energy for their income. They continue to keep the spiritual energy fields in a tightly wound web to maintain their “profession”. They are fakes and not real healers and doing more harm to our world.

Spiritual energy has been with humans for a long time. Spiritual energy is why humans die. Humans without spiritual energies will not die. We are now beginning a new time in our world.. We have to in order to keep our world from dying out totally. Other worlds died because of their spiritual energy load. And again, you will not read this is the mainstream news because that place is so spiritually infested. You will only read about this here on firsthealer.com.