Purging Spiritual Energy Does Amazing Things!

I was not able to do this activity when I was younger. It has taken me so long to have my real healing abilities under my control. I am still trying to figure out what this all means.. Even I have difficulty with this ability sometimes. I should be sitting in some palace somewhere. That’s what I think..

Where else should I be right now?

Who else is doing this?

Is there anyone out there like me?

Why me?

I am here, finally,  in my home town, trying to start over the right way and not get messed up by those old energy set ups. But those spiritual energies are still around me.. And that is why I am making sure that I post right here on my blog what is going on. I am making sure that I evaluate what I am really supposed to be doing right now. I want to make sure I do not get into a weird situation. I want things to move along smoothly in the right direction. And I continue to purge and merge spiritual energies 24/7.

I work outside on the universe. That is where I am supposed to be,  and trying very hard to makes sure that I stay there and not pulled into that negative working world again,  that was so toxic and evil for me.

I love to sit outside in the sun and feel the pulling of the energy load as it is lifted away and gone forever.. Now who else talks about this like I do?

And Yuma ,AZ is the sunniest place in this country, and that is why I am here.





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