I Am Here in Yuma To Heal the Dark Ages Away

I was looking into the local hospital: Yuma Regional Medical Center- (formerly known as Parkview Hospital) today and seeing what kinds of alternative health care methods are being used here. I saw that they were offering something called “Therapeutic Touch” in their spiritual care department. See how negative the hospital setup is?

I know that Therapeutic Touch is not a Universe Family Healing healing method. Therapeutic Touch is a scam (spiritually created about money) activity. It is a very bad spiritual set up and does nothing to help sick people. It should never be available in a hospital because it is putting those patients at an increased risk of dying.

This is a perfect example of how negative the nursing profession really is these days. They do not talk about Universe Family Healing at all!! In fact there is absolutely no discussion about Universe Healing at all. I know this for a fact. I was there for many years in that negative profession.

All that Therapeutic Touch does is move around the spiritual energies of that person and those people who call themselves practitioners. It is just like Reiki or other forms of spiritual healing. These people do not purge that negative energy field on the Universe. They keep that spiritual energy field locked up tight between themselves.

It is a very disgusting thing they are doing here in Yuma at that hospital and everywhere else that Therapeutic Touch is used. In order to be certified in Therapeutic Touch you have to take some kind of class. Again this is a very negative part of the whole nursing profession. Real natural healing methods require no classroom participation or certifications.

This is evidence of the Dark Ages still in control. The entire medical profession is from the Dark Ages, and it is trying to sustain itself here in Yuma. That medical center is still growing but it is not creating a healthy place for people in Yuma. It is creating a monster institution that tries to keep people spiritual and dying.

Although I was born there a long time ago when it was called Parkview, I am back now and so this will change a lot of things that have gone wrong here for a very long time. I will see the changes and not have to be in the middle of them. I will not be a target.

Just by me being here and purging and merging that spiritual energy field away that surrounds those buildings, things will change for the good. And I know that monster facility that they keep building will become vacant and incomplete and that is all that happens to the mega and mighty Yuma Regional Medical Center. A ghost hospital in the making. That is all it gets now.