We Purged the Yuma Set-Ups, The Healers Are Here!

Moving to Yuma has been a real eye-opener! What a spiritual place this has become. I know it happened because I was removed from here when I was very young. As a result this place grew into a mega-spiritual time bomb which I had the fun of diffusing today. I took a long walk and saw a huge spiritual set-up at work. I enjoyed being in the middle of it for a while. It was amusing.

But, not until right now did I realize that I was only sent there to keep this spiritual set-up going. This is what it was: Sears Department Store and its huge parking lot of new and used cars being sold sold by several salesmen but no customers. Talk about retail marketing at its worst.

To work at Sears you must make sure that every customer leaves Sears with a Sears credit card! That is the truth. And you have to do this for $8.05 per hour. Can you believe it? Now I think that whole thing needs to just go away and very quickly too.

And those car salespeople are a joke. They were all attacking me for a response. I merely walked by and tried to tell them I am not interested but they would not stop. So I just laughed at them and walked away.

I am not making this up. Now if I were a spiritual person I would be helping this game continue, but I am not spiritual at all. I am totally connected to our Universe. So all I did really was help Sears and those car people fall apart even more.

This part of Yuma looks like it is about ready to fail. The Albertsons across the street is like a dead zone too. I can just imagine that in a few more months time these retail businesses will be closing down for good. Once a real Healer walks these areas the spiritual energies that kept them going are purged and merged. So long, goodbye. History in the making here.

Just another day in my Yuma adventure. See you later retail. It is time you die.