Real Healers Live in The Southwest- Spiritual Healers Live Anywhere

There is a difference. Are you looking for some healing services? You have to understand that there is a huge difference between a real Healer who is connected universally and a common spiritual healer who is not. Universe Family Healers purge the spiritual energies that the spiritual healers use to stay in business. Spiritual healing is a spiritual set up and nothing more. Spiritual healers keep the spiritual energy load around them instead of merging it with the outside Universe. Do you see the difference now?

I had to travel through that time period of spirituality in order to get to where I am today. I am no longer a spiritual being and neither is my family. We are all Universe beings and totally connected to our Universe. We are making a huge difference in this world as a result. Negative people and places are broken up and discarded. Fresh clean Universe energy is taking over and making everything positive again.

Spiritual energy setups are dying finally and never will return and take over our planet. As a result our lives will be safe, happy, and healthy. There is no disease when you have a Universe connection.

Human disease is a spiritual set up. Disease just means you are extremely infested with this alien parasite. Spirits are parasites that live on the human body. We do not need to have any kind of spiritual part to us. We can live just fine without any spiritual help. On the other hand, spirits can only live on us. This is why it is important to remove all spiritual energies from the human planet Earth as quickly as possible.

The Universe returned me to the place I was born. Here I am able to completely control the spiritual invasion. It is easy for me now.