Going With the Flow in My Hometown

I am doing just that even here! It does not stop. Once the Universe is with you it continues non-stop. You are never stuck even when you thought you were. That moment ends and ah ha! you have the ideal solution right in front of you!!

That is what it is like right now. The days are each by themselves. One day is not the same as another. Each day is different and always positive. There is not anything going wrong. Nothing is going backwards or the negative way.

This is because when you are connected to our Universe you cannot stop the flow. It never stops ever. It is not a spiritual game that has an end and then repeats itself over and over in a stuck pattern or ritual. No way!

Universe living is not that way at all.

I know this is the most real I have ever been in my entire life. And it is because I am finally home in Yuma, AZ. After over 55+ years of being pulled around all over the place, I made it back here!

And I am STAYING here. I am not worried one bit.

Everything is moving along just fine.