The Universe is Very Hungry….

And what it needs is a constant supply of spiritual energy! This amazing natural phenomenon is happening all the time around me and my family…The Universe’s vast supply of positive energy grabs the negative spiritual energy constantly from my human body.. It is a gigantic electromagnet all around me…I stay here though because I am a physical being and this sandpaper like flow of spirits is taken completely away from me…I cannot stop it! This is not a ritual or game.. This is all natural and non stop…There is no end to this purging and merging activity…

I am experiencing a totally new life as a result of this natural phenomenon.. I explain my experiences and share them here on my blog.. I call this the Phenomenology of Spiritual Energy Purging..This is a not a Hollywood game show or set up… I am real… I am not an actress pretending that this is a “reality show”.. I will never be interviewed on TV… But I will post my experiences here and those who find my blog will instantly know that I am real…

No one else is talking about this right now but me.. All I see on the Internet are the same spiritual healers and no change among them… I am the only one saying these things…The mainstream news is so far behind me and I feel that all of that spiritual media set up is going to be purged away someday…

Stay tuned for more updates as I live the experience of spiritual energy purging on the Universe

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