The Universe is Really Here Right Now…I am Going With The Flow…

Universally speaking:

This means that all of my times in the spiritual world are ending soon… Relocation is happening, to my real home, where I originally came from!.. This is long-awaited and really happening right now…

And although I am not exactly sure where this original location is, the energy from the Universe is taking me there….I know it is somewhere in Northern California, USA… It is amazing how this happens! This is not a “spiritual set up”… It happens as a result of the release and removal of all the spiritual energies that controlled my life after I was born…As you purge and merge this negative energy, you are then naturally returned to your place of origin…And although my spiritual birth certificate says I was born on November 9, 1958, in Yuma, Arizona, I know this is not true!

I know that I was taken from my birth mother… And this was never told to me, I just know… I was lied to all of my life… I was so immersed in the spiritual world of deceit. My birthdate and name were changed… I was lost to my birth family…. Sad but true, and this atrocity happened over and over to other Universal Healers like me throughout the entire world in the 1950s and 1960s…These crimes against humanity were scam ( spiritually created about money) activities and were totally approved and supported by the medical and legal professions of that time period…There were all of these infertile couples wanting instant families…It happened everywhere!

Universal Healers have never been able to go this far in completely purging out their spiritual worlds…

Most healers of today are highly spiritual and simply taking on the spiritual energy load of others and not really connecting it to the outer universal energy fields…Spiritual healers of today stay in their highly negative spiritual worlds and eventually succumb to its setups of death…There are thousands of spiritual healers out there saying they are doing things the right way… But they are not…

That is not what I do.. I immediately move all spiritual energy out of the realm of spirituality. I purge and merge this negative, magnetic energy ball onto the universe, our normal atmosphere in the outdoors… There, on the universe, it is not able to do its negative set ups among humans…The Universe naturally uses this energy to maintain a balance of some kind.. It is there that this negative energy must go and not be around humans ever…I am a real Universal Healer so I totally understand this!….

I am experiencing this right now! I really did end all of the spiritual set ups that I was immersed in… I am freed by the Universe and so is my family.. We are beginning our real life now… Fun and safe, together…

When you get to the end of your spiritual world after years of purging, all you do is go with the flow! It is a very nice feeling indeed… There is nothing in the way…You have no money worries at all as you are with your Universal Family and all living arrangements are shared together equally… You are never alone with your Universal family…

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