Feeding the Sun Lightens the Load

As I approach the end of my family’s spiritual connections, I find that it becomes so easy to do whatever is necessary…Everyday, there is something new and it is always good and easy to do…

Lighten the load: Purge away all that belongs in the spiritual world.. Get rid of those material things that are not real. That part feels very good… I have no problem discarding those items.. And I mean from furniture to childhood items to  pictures of the fake spiritual family and people I was around….. All of that stuff from the spiritual time of my existence is purged, thrown away and forever removed and quickly forgotten….

I feed the sun constantly as I work the final days of my outside job… When you reach that point and you have your outside job.. You have made it! You have successfully removed spirituality from your life…

I am a real Universe Family Healer. 

Universe Family Healing is real.. This is not a scam.



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