Happy Anniversay to firsthealer.com, the Home of Healer’s Blog!

It was one year ago today that I made the decision to create my blog here on wordpress.com. I was not sure at the time if I wanted to do this. I was hesitant about it. I am glad I went on and did it. It was well worth the small investment.. I have been on the internet blogging about my healing and purging journey now for one solid year. My blog is getting views world-wide. I am amazed at the places people are reading my blog…I have renewed my subscription too. So that means I am here for another full year… I will not go away.. Sometimes I do leave for a while as it feels the right thing to do, but I return. It is just a purging thing…Maybe that is over too… The next year is going to be totally new and different from the previous ones… I know that too. It will be a very positive year. It will be full of happy times and celebrations that have never taken place before in my life.. I am so looking forward to the new year of 2015… I hope that others who are interested in my theories will look at them again and realize that they are real….

I am happy that I am still here on my personal web page. Here I can say all the things I need to say safely. I do not have to deal with a lot of negative people and their nasty comments or criticisms. That time is over. I do not really want any commenting. This is not what I am here for. You can comment all you want elsewhere. Your opinions do not matter on my blog. Commenting about someones’ words is a spiritual thing. It is done to keep interactions going so the spiritual web can be maintained…It is really boring though… I have done it a few times just to make a point. But I do not like it much.. It is time for people to do things the real way….Create a safe environment by first taking care of your personal home. Take care of your own families. If we all did that we would be less in a big mess these days. Get untangled from the spiritual web. Get rid of those bad people around you by staying away.. Mind your own business… Do not interact with those places and people anymore. Your life will instantly improve as a result…..

I am documenting my personal life of healing. I am telling my experiences in an open and honest way. I am real and what I do is real. Purging spiritual energy into our universe is the future of our world.. It is not a fad or a scam.. It is a real phenomenon…. It is here to stay…It is the new normal. And no one else can do this but me.

I am Healer of this Universe.