When You Are on the Universe, Your Past Slips Away Right Before Your Eyes…

This is happening right now! Those old negative setups try to keep going and they do in a way, but I just observe them from a distance now. I do not participate in those old energies… I watch them though and laugh!! It is kind of entertaining for me because I am so universal and those old people are so spiritual. What a huge difference.

I am happy that I can just walk away and not interact with any of those old spiritual people. They are still making all the same mistakes over and over. They have not changed. They are so stuck deep inside the spiritual web that they are there until they fade away. This means they are set up for a fatal disease of some kind. And they believe all that medical stuff so they will do what ever those creepy doctors tell them to do. Like take radiation or chemotherapy “treatments”. Those treatments are what actually kills people these days. Those fatal diseases are just a made up spiritual game. It is the so-called treatments that will kill you people! Those treatments kill all the fast growing cells in your body! Now who would want to do this? Your doctor would because he or she wants you to give them money…. Can’t you see this?? What a sham that whole medical profession is!

I am done for now. I am relieved that I made a fateful trip today and as a result I am feeling so good! I saw a moment from my past fade away…My bills are all paid again and I have No Debt!!! What a good feeling that is. It only happens when you are On the Universe the real way…My Way!